Hi! I’m Colleen.

I am truly honored that you are here right now. Thank you for stopping bye.

You are what make Simply Perfect happen. You inspire us!

Our story begins in the summer of 2019 in a little camp craft store in North Carolina. My husband and I took our three children there for summer camp. All week, our youngest kept asking me to come and see the craft shop. Finally, that Friday I stepped into a wonderland. It was adorable and filled with children everywhere. I picked a project to make and didn’t realize it until weeks later how that day changed my life. That day, I had made a pair of leather earrings. I had worn them numerous times until one day I realized I hadn’t turned “green” from wearing them. And that is how Simply Perfect Co. was born. Out of the simple desire to create something beautiful that wouldn’t turn skin “green” and not cost a fortune.

In that little camp-craft-shop a dream came true and it began a fueling passion to learn, to create, to share. The greatest joy is sharing this blessing with you. My hope is that you find a resource within these pages which bless you, and just maybe give you the opportunity to bless someone else.

Handcrafted in the USA.