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We are so excited to introduce to you our newest collection called Captain She. The Captain She Collection is inspired by a dedicated, upcoming, witty, creative, inspiring, young author. May we introduce you to Michala.

Over the past two years, Michala has been faithfully writing a three-book series called Captain She. Each book builds upon the other in purpose, suspense, and lessons with specific events that keep you on the edge of your seat. During the summer of 2023, she began the process of having Captain She: Her Revolution (book one) combed through by two specifically chosen and highly educated readers. Through this progression, she began taking those readers notes, corrections, and insights and began the fine process of critiquing through book one in greater detail and clarity. The next step is to take that final draft of book one and ask a specific editor, in whom she is already in contacted with, to make the final corrections and edits in preparation for publication. She has full support from her family and a dear author friend who has been both a mentor to her and is a USA Today Bestselling Author. Captain She: Her Revolution has an endorsement lined up, which she is beyond honored.

Michala is an inspiration to us here at Simply Perfect. Her dedication, wit, creativity, and ability to write has inspired us to create and given us a desire to help the next generation of young Christian authors.

Editors and the traditional publication of books is an expensive process but an essential part. We want to support Michala in her endeavors and make her dream come true! So…that is why we started the Captain She Collection here at Simply Perfect.

Every purchase you make from within the Captain She Collection will go directly to Michala for the sole purpose of 1) an editor and 2) the final publication of the Captain She: Her Revolution.   

Thank you for joining us in this great opportunity to support, provide, and see the next generation flourish for God and amongst their peers.

For more information on Captain She, you can visit Michala’s website at

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A Special Note from Michala…

Hi, everyone! As ya’ll probably know, my name is Michala. I’m in the process of writing, editing, and traditionally publishing my Captain She series. It is so important what we put in our minds because that enters our hearts eventually show up in our actions. My desire is to proclaim God’s truth by writing stories that are adventure-filled-from-cover-to-cover. I pray my books will be an encouragement and an exhortation for you in your life’s story.

Thank you for your support and interest! It means a lot!! The Captain She series is set in and around the Revolutionary War era. So, without further due, let me give you an abstract of Captain She: Her Revolution.

“Never underestimate your opponent, but make sure your opponent doesn’t underestimate you…cause your strength is not your own.”

I lived under my father’s wing for my hold life, but that doesn’t mean there are zero secrets between us. Little did I know that he had secrets about this ship he built. Our secrets distance us. When I was given a secret coded note by a man named Benjamin Franklin, they only deepened.

 And then…the attack happened. With the help of the traitorous Captain Cayman, not only had the British taken the beloved Avalon, but they also captured my father.

The Avalon!

I suddenly found myself governed by the British, at mercy of my Uncle Delfair’s mansion. It doesn’t take long for me to realize…I don’t like it. Not one bit.

“The excitement of an opportunity to fight for my country was dying. Dying? No. It was…revolutionizing!”

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